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Autumn trend review : our absolute must have

Autumn trend review : our absolute must have


The eternal autumn / winter partner in crime, with its tough but comforting texture, it still follows you season after season. Worn with a 70’ vibes such as Hermès or a classy blazer like Givenchy, he is the king of the season and an absolute must have in your autumn wardrobe. 

Pair it with the AYANI Go-To dress for a super smart casual look with a rock n’ roll twist. 

Quilted coats 

After a first appearance last year, quilting is back this year to be an exclusive part of your Autumn wardrobe. Light, comfy and retro, he can provide a horse rider style like in Hermès or even with a pop twist such as seen at Pucci’s. 

Feeling cold ? Pair it with our Catherine dress for a Quilted Viscose combo. 


Big classic of the cold season, for a fancy / comfy style, we like it as a tailor suit like did Gucci or bathrobe style like Max Mara : looks like home office is still around ! 

We love our Angle dress with a colorful bathrobe combination. For a pop but fancy Devil wears Prada office style.

Saturated colors 

Typically, the transition from summer to autumn means trading in pretty pastels and tropical colors for navy blue, khaki green, brown, burgundy and other somewhat melancholy hues. This autumn, however, it is the vibrant nuances that reign supreme, with just a pinch of autumn mood. Think of precious sapphire, deep magenta, mustard yellow, aristocratic purple and fir green, among others.

Talking about Mustard yellow, it looks like our Isabel dress fits the vibe.


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