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This week's favourites №1

This week's favourites №1

Welcome to the first of our bi-weekly blog posts featuring soothing playlists from our store, through-provoking books, uplifting quotes and our seasonal recipes.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Let us know what you think and share your personal recommendations in the comments below.

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!



What are we reading ?


Have you ever wondered what life might be like if you left your day job and started something on your own?

This book from Monocle titled the "The Monocle Book of Entrepreneurs" is full of inspiring business stories of people who started small and went big. It will guide you through the journey of 100 ventures with credibility, charm and something to teach the world.

So whether you are thinking of starting something modest or big – to make things better, help revive a town or just nail a niche – there are a myriad of decisions to make. How should you balance your work and life? Profits and purpose? This book can help you answer those questions and get inspired to make your first (or second) move in your entrepreneurial journey.


What are we listening to ? 

The cold days are coming and we just wanna chill. Here is our current Spotify playlist to get you into cosy season mode :



Where are we heading ?

This week we were craving for excellent photography and remarkable storytelling. The World Press Photo Exhibition gave us exactly what we were looking for. It takes place every year at the Willy Brandt Haus and displayed the best of photo journalism from across the world. The contest recognizes the best in visual journalism and digital storytelling.

The exhibition is free and is taking place until 24th October. So don't miss the chance!

Below are some of our favorite works from this year's exhibition which we attended this week.

"A Buddhist temple occupies one half of a mountain, while the other has been carved away by heavy machinery mining for jade, in Hpakant, Myanmar, on 15 July.
Hpakant is the site of the world's biggest jade mine, and is the largest supplier of jadeite, the more valuable of the two forms of jade. Global Witness reported Myanmar's jade trade to be worth US$31 billion in 2014 alone-nearly half the country's GDR. The Myanmar government has made promises to tackle problems in the sector, but progress has been slow, Destruction of the environment by mining operations includes indiscriminate vegetation loss, degradation of farmland, and river sedimentation, and is mainly a result of inappropriate mining practices."


"Rock-climbing gyms and sports facilities were closed as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, so athletes had become creative in their training methods. Georg climbs a log pile while training for bouldering, in Kochel am See, Bavaria, Germany, 15 September 2020."

A soldier rests in a trench, in the northeastern part of Syunik, Armenia, on 31 October.

The Second Nagorno-Karabakh War began on 27 September. It was the worst fighting between ethnic Armenian forces and Azerbaijan since the First War in the 1990s, as a result of which large part of ethnically Armenian populated land was taken by Azerbaijan. More than 150 000 Armenian people lost their homes and were displaced.

"Sergio, Sami and David, meet in a meadow near Riehen, 25 April.
Switzerland closed its borders for the first time since the Second World War, as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. In towns like Riehen and Kreuzlingen, citizens had barely noticed the borders with Germany for decades, and had crossed freely. Barrier tapes indicated boundaries that should not be crossed. In some places, these barriers became meeting places for people who were no longer allowed to be together. Many individuals found inventive ways to see their loved ones."


"Rosa (85) is embraced by nurse Adriana, at Viva Bem care home, Sao Paulo, Brazil, on 5 August.

This was the first hug Rosa had received in five months. Carers were ordered to keep physical contact with the vulnerables to an absolulte minimum. At Viva Bem, a simple invetion, "The Hug Curtain", allowed people to hug each other once again."

Were you there too ? Let us know in the comments !


What are we thinking about ? 

As we want to keep up with the good vibe and don’t let ourselves be trapped by the October blues, we wanted to share with you our quote of the month. Don’t forget to smile and keep your head high.

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.” 

Helen Keller

What are we cheering with ?


This week we met Miriam Welz, the founder of the sustainable straw company Pretty Straws. She gave us a little interview sharing her favorite cocktail recipe, including an exclusive picture of her last straw collection. Perhaps something to close the week with ?

Red Passion Cocktail : 

500gr Red berries 

2 Lemons

1 Liter of orange juice 

20 Cl Vodka 

150 Gr Granulated sugar 

Mint leaves 


Have a beautiful Sunday!

Photo credits: Nick Fewings

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Thank you! What a great idea to start the blog! Didn’t know about the exhibition, now l want to go check it out 🧐 ❤️


Beautiful way to start off my Sunday morning. Love this new blog series & looking forward to more😍 Playlist will come on during breakfast🙏🏻😊


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