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Behind AYANI : Sustainability in design

Behind AYANI : Sustainability in design

At AYANI we always had a specific desire to do something good and meaningful from the beginning. Being witness of the overwhelming and giant fast fashion empire made us wish to take a different path and really do something that matters. From the design to the production process our main goal is to provide a high quality dressing up solution while respecting the environment and the people who are involved in the project. 


Timeless designs 

At AYANI we believe in creating garments which you can wear everywhere and everyday. Timeless designs that will stay in your closet for years. Sustainability is not about trends anymore, it is about things that will last in time and that you can keep as long as possible, in order to fight the excess of fast fashion and mass consumption. Our silhouettes are feminine, elegant but also highly functional. Each dress has pockets allowing women to feel free and not forced to always carry a bag. Our design can be worn alone or be paired with other pieces, no more morning worries as our goal is to provide women with a 5 minute dressing up solution that will take you through all your day duties.

Purposeful design 

We design clothing that women actually want to wear. By being close to our customers and conducting annual surveys, we actually design clothes that serve a purpose and fit their everyday needs. Whether it's a typical office day, a business meeting, a conference or an after work drink with friends, we create dresses which will make you look gorgeous and feel confident in every occasion. Each design is created with a specific woman in mind, whether she is more classy or casual in style, a globetrotter or an urban woman in lifestyle.

Less is more

Being timeless means lasting in time. Sustainability to us is about durability and triggers the question of waste and consumption. Each season we create a handful of designs as we strongly believe that less is more. Putting quality before quantity is key to the wellbeing of our planet and the people who work in the production industry. 

Sustainability also speaks to longevity, environmental, social, and economic systems. In order to minimize possible waste, we use the non sold or used fabrics from our previous collections to build up new styles and keep the cycle going in the right direction.


Colors are a huge aspect of our creative process. We believe as much in timeless designs as eternal colors carefully selecting the perfect tones for each style. Our wide color palette is made from non-trendy colors featuring classy shades as well as bright tones for those who dare to stand out and shine. A midnight or navy blue, a little black dress or a simple bordo speaks to everybody, those are eternal classic / basic which will still be worn season after season.

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