Behind AYANI : An ethical production

To continue with the “What’s behind AYANI” topic, we are going to talk about the production methods of your favorite workwear dresses.

Transparency is key in what we do and it matters to us to share every detail of the production process with our community. 


First of all our founder is of Armenian descent, and has always appreciated the exceptional craftsmanship that has been passed down in this country for centuries.

Armenia is a small nation in the southwest of Caucasus. The former Soviet state, now an evolving democracy, still lacks economic development.

That is why we choose to produce all our garment in Armenia with the goal to provide jobs and fair conditions for professionals to fulfill their potential in their home country.

In Eastern Europe and still in Armenia some women are still financially dependent on their husband and it matters to us to help them achieve a level of financial independence.


We believe that by doing things the right way, we can all make a difference.

Ethical production is at the core of our operations. We strongly believe that child labor has no place in our process, neither anywhere else in the world.

This is the reason why we choose to work with a small family factory in Armenia which respects our ethical standards, to respect and work hand in hand with our local sewers.


The movement #WhoMadeMyClothes is not only a trend for us, but crucial in what we are doing and the values we wish to spread. We ensure transparency throughout our operations and proudly present the people behind our clothes.

Watch below the video showing our production process and the women who make your AYANI dresses.



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