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Christmas gift ideas

Christmas gift ideas

Perhaps this year we are looking forward to Christmas a little more than usual. Many of us have already started to think about where to spend Christmas eve, how to decorate our homes, and what gifts we should choose for our loved ones. Who doesn't like giving gifts and seeing the happy faces of friends and family when they open them?

Here’s a way you can make gift-giving even more special and meaningful: gifts that give back. There are so many purpose-driven projects and businesses that are donating a percentage (or in some cases, all) of their profit to charities around the world. Buying presents from these companies you are giving back to some charitable causes and making the world a little better. 

We are sharing here some beautiful Christmas gift ideas that are made in Armenia (where AYANI dresses are made as well) by projects/companies who are donating or already donated large parts of their profits to help those families affected by the recent war in Artsakh. 

Almost all of the projects below are operated fully by the founders themselves, others are run by a small group of friends or a family. By supporting them, you support people whose work is driven by desire to spread love and kindness.

And whatever choice you make, choose kindness.

1. Hay-Hay: Fashion, Jewelry, Scarves, and more

Hay-Hay concept store is a unique online store that offers a wide selection of items from Armenian designers, all handpicked by the founder Lucine. From scarves and accessories, to bags and jewelry, you will find plenty of Christmas gift ideas for every taste.

From classical styles, to more modern designs, Hay-Hay store is a truly special online store that allows you to shop stylish Armenian-made products without having to travel to Armenia. 

Our favourite Christmas gift idea:

Porcelain small studs (€39) are made of the finest porcelain clay by the brand's founder. Each piece is sculpted and carved by hand. Each design is unique and does not repeat throughout the collection.



Where to shop:

2. I'm HUMAN: Designer tote bags

I'm HUMAN is a truly human charity campaign created as a response to the war in Artsakh, with the goal to raise money to help civilians and orphaned children during these difficult times. The beautiful I'm HUMAN Tote bags were drawn and designed by artists Maria Vanaga & Nina Saratikyan specifically for this purpose. 

Our favourite Christmas gift idea:

"COOL TO BE KIND" tote bag (40) is definitely our favourite gift idea this Christmas. This handmade, high quality canvas tote bag is a reminder of the importance of compassion and mercy for every HUMAN being. It is a message 100% worth spreading today, tomorrow, everyday. When you choose, choose to gift kindness.  

Where to shop:

Shop is donating to: All Armenia Fund (currently focusing on providing financial support to families affected by the war in Artsakh)

Donation amount: 100% of the sale

Cost of shipping to Germany: 5

Delivery time to Germany: up to 7 days

3. Art by Nvard Yerkanian

If you are looking for a special gift for someone with an artsy side, take notice of beautiful artworks from an independent graphic designer and illustrator Nvard Yerkanian. Through combining different disciplines and skills Yerkanian is bringing art that is focused on exploring the issues of public spaces, urban transformations, and cultural heritages.

The artworks are coming in two sizes: 22x22 cm for 50; 52x52 cm for 100

Our favourite Christmas gift idea:

"Byurakan Observatory" (22x22cm - 50) work is a part of the series of Soviet Modernist Architecture in Armenia, a project which highlights architectural heritage that is either lost or undervalued. 


Where to shop: To purchase a piece, you can directly contact the artist on instagram: @nvardyerkanian or via email:

Donating to: All Armenia Fund (currently focusing on providing financial support to families affected by the war in Artsakh)

Donation amount: 100% of sale

Cost of shipping to Germany: included in the price of purchased items

Delivery time to Germany: up to 7 days

4. Artsocks: artsy socks for everyone

The team at Artsocks took an everyday accessory and combined it with an artwork. It resulted in a fashionable piece of art with stunning patterns from paintings of Malevich, Kandenski, Saryan, Mondrian and many other world famous artists. These socks are a daily dose of art and happiness. It is a perfect gift for family, friends, colleagues and everyone who you would like to share positive vibes with. Cool, unique and stylish.

We've worn and gifted so many socks from Artsocks in the last years. They are loved by everyone and become the small thing that makes our friends happy every day. And they too are made in Armenia. 

Our favourite Christmas gift idea:

Honestly, it is so hard to choose only one. We are totally in love with the Mondrian's squares and Saryan's palm trees (12,99). 

The online store also offers gift boxes with two pairs of socks in each box (25,99) which you can find here.


Where to shop:

Shop is donating to: All Armenia Fund (currently focusing on providing financial support to families affected by the war in Artsakh)

Donation amount: 30% of profits

Cost of shipping to Germany: 3,99 (Free Shipping on orders over 35)

Delivery time to Germany: 4 to 6 days

5. Ararat Box: for sweets lovers

Gift Armenian experience to your friends and family by purchasing Ararat Box (approx 32). Ordering a box from the company, you will receive approximately 20 delicious Armenian snacks, including sweets, dried fruits, coffee, tea, nuts and many more.

All products inside the box are from Armenian suppliers, from which 70% are small local businesses. The company is supporting hundreds of local businesses every year to export their products outside of Armenia. You can choose from a 1 month to up to 12 months subscription, and gift the joy of Armenian sweets and delicious coffee to your friends and family.

Where to shop:

Shop is donating to: All Armenia Fund (currently focusing on providing financial support to families affected by the war in Artsakh)

Donation amount: 100% of sale; shop has already donated 400 boxes to children of refugee families from Artsakh

Cost of shipping to Germany: small box = 10$, big box = 15$

Delivery time to Germany: approx. 7 days

6. Nairian: very natural skin care

Nairian was founded by a family in Armenia who wanted to create a sustainable farm, providing jobs for people in the area and utilizing the sunshine and nutrient-rich Armenian soil to produce natural skincare. All Narian products are made in their lab under strict control of their staff. The products are all-natural and always free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and other harmful chemicals. 

What we love about Nairian is that they use plants that are naturally growing in Armenian highlands and through their skincare line promote the benefits of the locally sourced ingredients. During your next trip to Armenia, make sure to enjoy a tour of Nairian's beautiful eco-lab where you can make a cream yourself. 

Our favourite Christmas gift idea: 

Lip balms (approx. 15,70) and face creams (approx. 52) are a perfect gift for this season. Made of natural ingredients and pure essential oils. Have to mention that the packaging is gorgeous too. 

Where to shop:

Shop is donating to: Insurance Foundation for Servicemen in Armenia, a government fund that covers medical care for injured soldiers, as well as compensation for families who have lost a soldier.

Donation amount: 100% of sales, over 10 000 dollars already donated

Cost of shipping to Germany: £9,95 (approx. 11)

Delivery time to Germany: within 7 days

7. Art by AHA Collective

Another initiative that was born as a response to the war in Artsakh. The ‘We Stand’ poster exhibition (curated by Nvard Yerkanian and Nairi Khatchadourian) has united Armenian artists from different backgrounds to visualise the concept of peace in their artworks. From November 9 to November 30 you can purchase artworks from individual artists with proceedings going to All Armenian Fund. 

Our favourite Christmas gift idea:

The piece ‘Be the light’ by Gayane Sofoyan is one of our favourite artworks from the exhibition. There are many artworks that resonated with us, but the message of finding the light within ourselves is truly inspiring. Gifting this amazing work to your loved one, you are ensuring them with a reminder that they too have the ability to shine.


Where to shop:

Donating to: All Armenian Fund

Donation amount: 100% of sales (until Nov. 30)

Cost of shipping to Germany: 6

8. 4Plus Shop: for photography lovers

Founded in 2012 ‘4Plus’ is a collective of Armenian women photographers who made it their mission to empower women in Armenia and the world. Through various projects and works, 4Plus artists shine light on social issues and violations of human rights that are happening daily. Their online store was created with the aim to make photography more accessible and present in our lives. In 4Plus Shop you will find a great selection of archival photographs, prints, books and various art objects. 

Our favourite Christmas gift idea:

The box “Postcards from Artsakh” (approx. 16,5) features a set of 54 photographs showing pieces of everyday life of people of Artsakh . We especially liked this as a gift idea as it allows the viewer to see and experience up and downs of everyday life of Artsakhtsis. Through these photographs the viewer will be able to connect to the emotions of happiness, pain, fear, surprise, contentment and many others.



Where to shop:

Shop is donating to: ArmenianFund and Insurance Foundation to Servicemen

Donation amount: 100% of sale

Cost of shipping to Germany: approx. 8

Delivery time to Germany: approx. 14 days

9. AYANI: elegant and functional female fashion

You already know us. Not just a clothing brand, based in Berlin AYANI is set to empower women to feel more comfortable and confident wherever they are, wherever they go. AYANI is a clothing line made by women for women to solve the daily struggle of what to wear to work. Our garments are purposefully created to be ultra flattering in design, versatile in style and comfortable in fit. And of course, each dress has big functional pockets.

We are committed to slow fashion and sustainable design. Our production takes place in a small sewing workshop in Armenia with the goal to create jobs for women in their homeland.

Our favourite Christmas gift idea: 

The Gift Card is the perfect option if you aren’t sure which style to buy. You will receive the gift card by email which contains instructions on how to redeem it at checkout.

If you wish to receive it (or be sent to your dear ones) as a hand-written card, after completing the purchase simply send us an email to with your request and the delivery details. We will beautifully package the card and send it on the way. We offer gift cards for every budget starting from 25.


Where to shop:

Shop is donating to: Kooyrigs, women-run NGO currently focusing on helping families affected by war

Donation amount: 50% of profit

Cost of shipping in Germany: 4,95

Delivery time in Germany: 2-3 days


Happy gift shopping!


Ani & Gulnaz

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