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As a dressmaker, we understand the daily wardrobe necessities of working women. Hence, our dresses are not just effortless in style but also timeless in design and boast of functional pockets.

We’re mindful and aim to not overwhelm our customers with choices. Hence, our collections are small by intention with focus on great fit, comfort, quality and elegance.

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Anahit | Drapey dress in navy blue

Note From The Founder

Wherever I’ve worked in the world, I’ve found that a fundamental lack of belief in our own value, worth and ability to achieve, is consistently tempering female ambition and holds women back.

I’d like to give impulses to change that. I want you to connect with your deepest, most authentic self in order to feel strong, confident and empowered in your daily life.

- Ani, founder of AYANI

Community by Intention

We see ourselves not only as clothing line, but also as a community. We care about women’s inner and outer journeys, encouraging them to share their aspirations and stories to inspire others. We intent to help build strong connections and friendships.

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Fair Production

We believe that by doing things the right way, we can all make a difference. We stand for fair conditions for workers across the supply chain and are against a system of economic exploitation. This is why we carefully selected a family owned factory in Armenia to collaborate with, which is attentive to healthy working conditions and pays their employees fair living-wages.

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Made in Armenia

Our founder is of Armenian ancestry and has always appreciated the exceptional craftsmanship that has been passed down in the country for centuries.

Armenia is a small, landlocked nation in the southwest of Caucasus, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. The former Soviet state, now an evolving democracy, still lacks economic development.

Hence, we choose to manufacture in Armenia from design to production with the goal to provide jobs and fair conditions for professionals to fulfil their potential in their home country.


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