Created in Berlin, we provide you with a "5 minute office wear fix" so that you have more time for yourself and things that matter to you. Elegant, effortless and functional dresses with large pockets enough to fit your smartphone, dresses enjoyable to wear, easy to care and made to last.

Our flattering fits were tested on over 100 women with different sizes and body shapes. We select high quality fabrics which last far beyond 30 washes. Our garments are designed for women who value quality, comfort and elegance, and are fairly made in a small family-owned factory in Armenia.

AYANI about us

Our values

Comfort and quality above all. Our designs are enjoyable to wear, our cuts are carefully crafted for all body types and our selected textiles feel good on the skin.

No chasing trends. We do not follow fast changing fashion trends. Instead we combine the best of the old and new to create timeless designs that can transcend seasons and trends.

We are against fast fashion and over-consumption. Less is more. This is why we keep our production limited and focus on high-quality materials giving your purchase a long-lasting value. We stand by fair production and aim to support local communities through providing them employment and living wages.

We listen to our customers. We care about what you need in your daily life and pay attention to small details to make our clothing help you succeed in your busy day. You are our greatest source of inspiration.

We love color. We carefully decide the palette for each style keeping a professional, elegant look in mind.

Learn more about our commitment to slow fashion and sustainable design here.