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welcome to ayani

Since 2018 our mission is to assist you along your professional journey by creating confident, versatile and comfortable dressing solutions tailored to your needs.

And we do it all while adhering to sustainable and ethical practices of slow fashion.

"Why only dresses?"

This question we get asked a lot.

The answer is easy.

Dresses make for the most effortless way to dress for the day.

No need to spend time searching for matching tops and bottoms. Just slip into a dress and you are ready to go. Whether you feel formal or want to go casual today, our dresses fit perfectly with heels and sneakers.

Last but not least, we take the extra care to make sure AYANI dresses become the most comfortable and versatile pieces in your sustainable wardrobe.

Timeless & Versatile

In the modern mindset, there exists a pervasive notion that having an extensive wardrobe is essential for looking good and navigating daily dressing routine.

On top of this, there's a common misconception that ethically produced, high-quality clothing is unaffordable, leading us settle for low quality clothing items that fail to align with our values.

The reality, however, is more straightforward. We at AYANI strongly believe that a carefully curated collection of well-chosen pieces is all one needs for a versatile wardrobe, ensuring style and confidence on any occasion.

Our Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy rests on a few key principles:

  • Perfect length and fit
  • Timeless, versatile, and functional design
  • Exceptional comfort
  • Ethical production respecting both nature and artisans
  • Seamless integration with existing wardrobe pieces
  • Suitability for various occasions,
  • Longevity surpassing far beyond 50 wears.

When these elements align, we achieve the creation of the perfect dress.

Sustainable Fabrics

We source beautiful, high quality and easy to care for fabrics which feel good on the skin and are made to last. Every year we look out for sustainable fabrics alternatives which are more eco-friendly compared to existing fabrics and incorporate them into our collections.

In 2020 we made our next step towards eco-friendly production by using only sustainably manufactured fabrics in our collections. Our fabrics have GOTS & OEKO-TEX 100 certifications ensuring that there are no hazardous chemicals used in dyeing of the fabric.

ethical production

We believe that by doing things the right way, we can all make a difference.

Ethical production is at the core of our operations. No child labor, living wages and healthy working conditions are an essential criteria for selecting our production partners.

That is why we choose to work with family owned sewing workshops in Armenia and Poland which meet our ethical standards and provide employment opportunities to local women. No middle man, we work directly with our factories and not just visit it, but work there together to create our collections.

#WhoMadeMyClothes is not only a movement for us, but a manifesto of our work.

We ensure transparency throughout our operations and proudly present the people behind our clothes. We get to know all of our partners and can truly answer the question "who made our clothes" at every level of the supply chain.

behind our production

Making a difference

We believe that every business (and person) can make a difference in the lives of others not only choosing with whom they work but also by contributing part of the profit to causes they support.

For every AYANI dress sold, we make a contribution to impact-driven NGOs that fight against poverty and illiteracy in rural areas in Armenia and help to protect the landscape of our planet.

So every time you buy an AYANI dress, you actually make a difference in someone's life.