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Statement from the founder: 50% of sales is donated to All Armenia Fund

Published on 29.09.2020

Dear Customers,
as you know I started AYANI to support women professionally and to create jobs for women in Armenia, the country where my family comes from and where all AYANI dresses are made.
You might have noticed that since last Sunday, I was not active on Social Media. I always post about self-development, AYANIWOMEN and ethical fashion, but right now I cannot.
With everything that is happening right now I cannot get myself to post anything.
As you might know from the news, since Sunday 26.09 7am, Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh) is heavily bombed by Azerbaijan.

Due to that my aunts had to flee to protect their little children.

My uncles had to stay to protect my homeland, including my young nephew who had to join the army due to the state of emergency.

This is a Christian Armenian populated state. The state where my family lives. Where my grand grandparents were born and buried.
The Azerbaijan's army is bombing villages, schools and homes of civilian people.
Armenian women and children are hiding in underground bomb shelters while all their men are fighting on the ground to protect their wives, their children, their parents, their homeland.
In less than 2 days with support from Turkey and Syrian contractors the attack escalated to the extend that not only Nagorno-Karabach is under attack, but also on an Armenian village inside Armenia was under fire from Azerbaijan.
Armenians want peace. They demand the end of the war and interference of the UN and all nations to stop this criminal attack on Armenian people.
I cry every moment I think of my homeland. I dream of nothing but peace and hope that the war will end soon, and that all men come home alive, to their families.
Following the news and the desperate need of medical equipment to serve the wounded civilians and soldiers, I cannot stand aside but to donate money.
That is why I decided to donate 50% of revenues until the war is over to the All Armenia Fund.
May we wake up to a wiser and more peaceful world. May all men come home alive and children be back to school and playgrounds.
With love,
Ani Bagdasaryan
Founder of AYANI