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Behind AYANI : A way to sustainability

Behind AYANI : A way to sustainability

In 2020 we have finally reached the next milestone in making our collections more sustainable. Today we are going to talk about how we got there and what difference this step make to us, our society and the future of our planet. 

Recycled polyester and viscose

For our first collection, we have been using Viscose on only a few of our models and have had to use polyester, then recycled polyester. We received a lot of questions about that topic and we have the transparency to tell that for a young and small brand, using 100% sustainable fabrics for our first collections was not financially feasible.

Also, as a workwear brand, we also had practical approach and desire to provide an easy dressing up solution for busy women. Polyester is a fabric that does't wrinkle and barely needs ironing and that was one of our concern in the design process of our dresses. 

Bit by bit, we started to use recycled polyester and remake dresses with the extra fabrics coming from our old collections, that was a first step to a zero waste process and getting closer to our goal. 

Few words about viscose 

Viscose is one of the most used materials used in the fashion industry. It is soft and can easily blend with other fibers. It is an attractive fabric as it is very light, limit the risk of sweat marks and is a very soft material.

Viscose is also an environment-friendly fabric, and been presented as an ecological option because of its composition : vegetable and biodegradable fibers. 

But, as many still don't know, its production requires the use of chemicals and leads to deforestation in the world. Moreover, most of its production sites are located in emerging regions with very low environmental and labour standards, in contradiction with the essence of the product.

In 2020, to set out our first sustainable collection, we searched for the most sustainable viscose. We found ECOVERO, a viscose produced in Austria, which has become the most eco-friendly and sustainable alternative for common viscose in the world. 

How is ECOVERO different from the rest ?  

The EcoVero pulp consists of certified wood, which comes to more than 60% from European forests 

The bleach use to taint the pulp is 100% chlorine-free.

The fibres used comes from sustainable forestry.

The fact that the production is located in Austria is crucial as environment standards are stricter than in different countries.

The cost of transportation is low, because the timber used is from Europe which reduces CO2 Emissions.

​​Lenzing ECOVERO shows that the movement toward sustainability is going forward, in a good direction and with a global vision.

At AYANI, we decided to have a sustainable viscose in order to fulfill our objective and match the environmental values we are spreading 

 Our viscose bestellers 

The Marlene, Alexandra and Catherine dresses. These designs are available in many colors, as usual. 


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